The only thing I dislike about the Nikon D5200 are the plastic mount lenses...

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Re: The only thing I dislike about the Nikon D5200 are the plastic mount lenses...

If you were to disassemble your D5200, you would find that the metal  lens mounting flange on the camera is just screwed into a plastic mirror box. This is true for all Nikon DSLRs until you reach the D800 level camera where the metal lens flange is actually screwed into the metal body of the camera. Drop your camera on it';s lens,  and chances are that plastic mirror box will be broken and need to be replaced. OTOH, if the plastic mount on the lens breaks, you just pop on another lens and you are back in business! As they say, a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link and that weak link is the plastic mirror box compared to a lens with a metal mount. Worrying about the plastic mount of some Nikon lenses is just silly IMO, when the mount can be replaced cheaply and  easily if broken, while the plastic mirror box replacement will be a trip to Nikon repair and cost you almost as much as a new D5200 to fix it! So stop worrying so much, or just get a D800!

BTW, the 18-105mm is a very nice lens optically and has served me well in the  100 degree heat of Arizona and the freezing  cold of a  Pacific Northwest winter.

Here are some of my shots taken with the plastic fantastic 18-105mm Nikkor "kit"  lens:

- Jon

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