Got my RX-100 today

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Re: Got my RX-100 today

salla30 wrote:

I am sure the light was brighter for the RX100 pic, but it highlights what I mean generally. The NEX is capable of a smoother more natural transition between lights and darks, and much less prone to clipping.

As a result , the APS C is so much more forgiving when it comes to getting a good shot.

For me, you can keep all your pixel peeping, ultimate sharpness, noise, etc. The way the light is captured is paramount. It's all about the light!

All that convinces me of, is that I need to be sure to expose for the highlights, which is pretty much true of any digicam I have ever used.  Any digital recorder of any kind.  With tape, you had headroom.  With DAT/MD/CD, you set the level so you simply Do Not Clip no matter what.  All highlight recovery in RAW tells me is that the JPG engine is making mistakes.  Either the data is there, or it isn't, and if a highlight is clipped, then the shot was overexposed.  I come from a computer background so that's just a limit that I expect to be there, much as it does suckif you get clipping and can't re-record or re-shoot.

So, the NEX may be more forgiving, and in time-critical shots that could be decisive, but if the exposure is right (for the camera) then I don't see the problem with the RX100.  It is the first camera I've had which can do handheld HDR, which for that shot I probably would have used.  Trick I find, there, is that you have to set a -EV more than the HDR bracketing interval.  i.e., you really want shots at -5, -2, +1 sometimes, instead of -3,0,+3.

The only case where that totally failed for me was trying to shoot a full moon over the ocean.  No interval would get me the moon and the trail in the water.  I got some good exposures for the moon itself using zoom that I guess I'll have to composite over the blown-out moon in one of the other shots.

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