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The advantage of FZ200 over LX7 is its super telezoom. Unless you need to shoot fast moving long distance object, I don't think you'll use that very much or even at all in your trip.  If this camera will also serve your future trip, and if then FZ200 would make  more sense. Then take FZ200 would be a nice choice too. Otherwise,  LX7 24-90mm should be plenty enough, and it will be smaller too.

Theoretically, LX7 should also have better color depth than FZ200. You should want it if you have scenes with wide light range, that is, a lot of important dark and bight objects, such as in the low lighting historical churches with bright stained glass windows. I found it's very important in my trip to Grand canyon, and monument valley, where I faced strong lighting and strong shadows, and I wanted to keep the details in wide contrast range. Tweaking the contrast is relative easy, but the deeper color depth helps to keep the color rendering after tweaking the contrast.

Said that, I don't think LX7 is really up to my requirement yet. After testing several larger sensor cameras, I found G5 barely acceptable. T4i is the best among the APS-C format. Alas, it's too big to carry. Nex 6 and Nex 7 have APS-C sensor, but I feel it's mid tone look bad, although it does have pretty good dynamic range. This seems true across all Sony digital camera, including the larger sensor P&S. Something I don't get it yet. But I'd pass Sony.

Over all, LX7 should be the 1st choice if you want only one easy carrying camera. Even if you carry more than one camera, LX7 probably will give your the best yield.  If you can, I'd suggest to carry a T4i (I assume T5i should be similar or better) or Lumix G5.

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