So... I'm all but convinced that I'm going D800

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Ernie Misner
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Re: So... I'm all but convinced that I'm going D800

Join  the club and congratulations on making a good (and fun!) decision to get the D800.    Mine arrived yesterday and I've been walking around the yard with the 17-35 f2.8 lens absolutely having a blast.   I shot with the D200 and then the D700 (fine machine) for the last 3 years or so.   In five minutes walking around shooting flowers just with this WA lens no less, I can tell you that the D800 makes EVERYTHING a lot easier.   For example, I was in very low light this evening where the D700 would have struggled with color and a little noise...... the D800 was giving me quick images on the screen that were blowing me away.    I did not have to crop tightly at all which made focus and DOF a snap.    Then zoomiing in on the LCD screen was astounding, could barely believe my eyes.   Strong accurate color in the fading light, crisp sharpness that came about easily just hand holding, I think, due to not having to get so close and frame so tightly (hand holding and no VR here)..... less magnifacation at the time of shooting perhaps, but then with all those pixels,  the ability to zoom way in and have a strong image.   All I can say is double wow, this is going to make life a lot simpler, and why did I wait so long?   What pushed me over the edge was the guys talking about what a great deal the refurbished D800's were at Adorama.    I jumped on that for $2,319.   The ad said a little more, but the lady on the phone said she'd give me their lowest price.   The camera looks brand spanking new, focus looks great so far.    It did have 4,900 clicks on it but heck, that is only 2.5% of it's 200,000 life cycle.   That is almost $700 less than I paid for my D700.   Let us know what you decide and enjoy.   Oh yes, and for all of $7.95 you get a one year warranty on top of the Nikon 3 month refurb. warranty.

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