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Re: Very few if any

richarddd wrote:

Although the way the question is phrased might have more of an influence on the answer than you intended. If it's successfully captured, isn't it a success?

Which of these would count as more successful under your question

- a photo with blown highlights that might have been saved with better equipment

- a photo that might have had better subject isolation or more pleasing boken

- a photo that would have looked better with a wider angle lens or a longer lens

- a photo that would have looked better if shot on a tripod or with better image stabilization

- a photo that would have been sharper if shot at a higher shutter speed

In other words, what type of IQ improvement are you thinking of?

By "more successful" I mean would have sold whereas the lower IQ photo did not, would have sold for more money than the lower IQ photo, would have been published but the lower IQ photo wouldn't, would have placed higher in a photo contest than the lower IQ photo, etc.

Of course, it goes without saying that I am talking about the exact same photo, just one captured with a camera that delivered "higher IQ" than another.

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