portable external HD vs desktop HD for backup

Started Apr 19, 2013 | Discussions thread
Roland Wooster Senior Member • Posts: 2,109
USB3 connector

I think you have no reason to worry about the cable, it appears to be a totally standard Micro-B USB3 connector on the drive. You can get Male-A to Male-Micro-B cables anywhere. In fact, you can use the older Male-A to Male-Micro-B USB2 cable with the drive too - although you'll only get USB2 speeds by doing so.

The performance of the drive will be pretty poor on USB2, you'll be limited by the USB2 bus speed, this provides only 33MB/s. The drive itself is probably capable of something in the 80-130MB/s range (depending on actual drive used inside, but given the capacity it's probably closer to the higher end of this range). On a USB3 connection, with a USB3 cable, you'll get the full bandwidth and be limited only by the magnetic media speed itself.


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