Please define "pixel peeping".

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Re: 100% ?

jrtrent wrote:

Gerry Winterbourne wrote:

No.  Although viewing at 100% could logically mean what you say, it actually has the technical meaning of looking at the basic file from the camera at 100%; it's also called viewing "actual pixels".  Indeed, to be truly 100% it has to be a full-size image (raw or best quality JPG).

Thanks.  It would appear then, that I can never be a pixel peeper because I never shoot best quality JPEG.  On my 6 mp camera, I leave it set to 4 mp, then downsize from there.

Suggest always setting your camera to maximum resolution for the aspect ratio you prefer.  Memory cards are so cheap now that there's no need to set for less than maximum resolution.

If you ever take a picture that you want to make an 8x10 print of (7.2 MP), you could resize a 6 MP image to look better  than a 4 MP image.

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