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Re: DFPanno, great TIP on keeping the CIR POL and Heliopan Hood together

Hawaii-geek wrote:

DFPanno,  great TIP on keeping the  CIR POL and Heliopan Hood together.

and then "just"  screwing it on over the   clear Filter you have on all the time.

I am going to do that from now on!

CP + Heliopan Hoot together folds still pretty flat.  In fact that combo FITS perfectly in a B+W 77mm ND filter case.

What I did was take out one of the thin padding layers , and the CIR POL and Heliopan Hood fits Perfectly.

Hope this helps,


DFPanno wrote:

Here you go:

I have a Clear filter that is nicely tightened to the lens

I leave the bayonet hood on all the time.

I have the CP premounted to the Heliopan and well tightened to it.  They are stored mounted.

When I want to use my CP I dismount the bayonet and place the CP wth a premounted Heliopan on the Clear filter.

(The rubber hood is nice to grab when adjusting the CP)

The advantage?  I find that, brass or no brass, screw in filters and hoods always become difficult to dissassemble with something always stuck to something else.  Half the time when you try to unsrew the hood the clear comes off the lens rather than the hood off the CP- Urgh!

With the differential in tightening as outlined above the cp always comes off the clear and I am not juggling cameras, hoods and filters.

I am a maniac about using a CP whenever I can and equally maniacal about removing it when it is not useful.  Anything that can reduce the PITA factor is worth it to me.

Please don't laugh..........

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Leave the clear filter off for best results. Don't stack filters except for a special effect.

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