why not f/1.2 by Sony?

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Re: why not f/1.2 by Sony?

S3ZAi wrote:

GaryW wrote:

but I guess I'm surprised to see requests for f1.2, particularly based upon a smaller sensor system where Nex can achieve the same results with lenses that already exist.

Actually there is a misunderstanding here. Perhaps the original poster was thinking of the new 1.2 lens for nikon1, but when I am mentioning the nikon 1.2 lens, I am referring to the big ff lens by nikon. I do not care much about the 1 system of nikon, even if they'd make a 0.7 lens, I wouldn't consider buying the camera to start with. I'm VERY happy with my nex7.

yeah, I thought we were talking about the Nikon1.

There is a rumor about a tamron 1.4 lens for nex. (I was calling it a sigma last night, I was wrong, it's a tamron):


I guess we can wait till that one comes out and I'm sure people will test it against the sel35 and the touit32.

We're going to have a dozen lenses in the 30-35mm range.

One issue that will be tested I hope is weather the little extra speed will make any differrence. I hope there will be someone with a thorough comparison. Of course if the tamron would be mf only, one could just as well opt for vintage lenses. If it will have af though (it's not clear yet from the rumor as far as I can see) it will be interesting to see if and how sony/zeiss would respond to that.

What it boils down to is that there is no 1.2 lens af lens for nex. Some or perhaps most of us wouldn't even need it. But some of us would consider buying it. Who knows what sony will add to the roadmap once the roadmap we see now will come to an end. We will have most ranges covered: 10-18, 16-50, 35, 50 and perhaps a 85 by then and a few options from 18-200 lenses and 3 zeiss touit lenses and probably I'm missing many. If sony would want to add 3-4 new lenses in 2015 is it totally impossible that one of those will be a 1.4 lens or perhaps a 1.2 lens? Only time will tell, so no reason to fanatically disproving the possibility or fanatically defending the need for one.

My concern is what tomtom50 posted about - past about f2, it just won't make much difference, at least for light-gathering power, on APS-C sensors. I guess that leaves DOF, or is that reduced as well?  If an f1.2 lens does no better than a f1.8 lens, I'd rather pay less for the 1.8.

Having said that, how does f1.2 work on the Nikon1 if it doesn't work on APS-C?  (Tomtom?)

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