Olympus OM-D E-M5 Vs. Sony NEX-6 (or other APS-C mirrorless)

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Re: Olympus OM-D E-M5 Vs. Sony NEX-6 (or other APS-C mirrorless)

Jorginho wrote:

1) Yes, you should indeed post this on the NEX forum too. People over here are biased clearly and so are they on the NEX forum. So Combined, you get a better picture I believe.

2) No, the OMD is not worse at high ISO. From ISO 200 onwards it is identical to the NEX6 in each and every way (noise, dynamic range, colour depth and tonality). Compare both at dxomark.com

3) I think you a re forgetting about the lenses, may be also the reason why your D7000 gave you too smooth images. The mFT lenses, especially the primes and the fast zooms are all better than any NEX lens. and there are more of them too. And they are smaller and lighter in weight.

4) Ergonomics: I found the NEX6 to be excellent in my hand. I think it is a very well built body. Quite some complaints about the knobs being small and not so responsive on the OMD.

5) It seems AF of the m43 cams is still better than on the NEX. Check it out I'd say.

6) yes, all lenses are now stablized. And very good too.

7) Weathersealing could be important too.

Hope it helps!

Heh heh, yes.  I post on the NEX forum, too!

The 24mm Zeiss lens is not stabilized.

The NEX_6 point score on DXO is higher than the OMD.

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