Please define "pixel peeping".

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Re: What is 100%?

When a given part of an original image straight out of the camera - say, somebody's left eye - appears on screen represented by the same number of monitor pixels, as there are pixels to represent it in the original - we say that the image is being viewed at 100% zoom, or 1:1.

IOW there is a one-to-one correspondence of each pixel of the image, with a pixel of the display. This is also sometimes referred to, as "actual size" view.

When the image is viewed larger or smaller than this, for example when auto-zoomed to fill the screen with the entire photo, a different number of monitor pixels will therfore have to be used to represent that same left eye.

If it is shown using twice as many (the computer re-scales and calculates everything on the fly) we call that 200% zoom, and if half as many, that's 50% zoom - on the analogy, of what you see with a zoom lens.

It could be any zoom - 46.3%, 124.6%,..., depending how big the screen is in terms of pixels, how big the image is in terms of pixels, and in what way you have told the computer to display (to map) one onto the other.

Usually a camera captures many more pixels than even the largest screen can offer, so either the image has to be shrunk (zoomed out) to fit, or else if you don't do that, only part of the image can be seen at a time.

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