Pentax Brand Not Featured in Gear Shop

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Re: Pentax Brand Not Featured in Gear Shop

DPReview is a tool.  I get information from reviews and the forums here.  I get information from other review sites. DPR is not the only tool.

I never really worried about DPR objectivity...  Yes, I have seen all the 'they are biased against Pentax' threads.  However, I thought the reviews themselves were okay.  Maybe the scores weren't always what I wished to see, as a Pentax user.

Anyway, I combine them with whatever other information I find and make my assessment.  I suppose objectivity could suffer.  It also could not.

Either way, I will still take a look at information DPR provide and combine it with whatever other information I come across.  I never shopped based on their ratings alone.  I doubt this hurts their feelings.

This will be like the new forum interface and the introduction of Connect.  Nothing stays the same.  Everything.. nearly almost everything changes.  Some change is for good and some for bad.  I don't think this will be bad.  People will get used to it.

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