Love my EX1/TL500: Is EX2F really an upgrade for me?

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Re: Love my EX1/TL500: Is EX2F really an upgrade for me?

Timmbits wrote:

Anything with a better lens is an upgrade.  Going from 1.8 to 1.4 is a good change.  But it's still a small sensor, so don't have crazy expectations.  imho, a real upgrade may be to get a nx300 + 30mm f2 lens.  still a compact package, but that would be a real upgrade.

I already have experience with Samsung NX 10, NX100 and NX200 cameras and several lenses. I decided to keep only my NX10, 30mm, 18-55mm and SEF20 flash.

NX10 turned out to be the nicest NX camera body for me to use and has EVF. The 30mm lens is a keeper The 18-55mm zoom and flash unit are sometimes useful to complement a nice and compact NX setup. I just didn't like my former NX100 and NX200 as much as I like my NX10.

My main camera right now is Pentax K-01 and several AF- and non AF lenses. It's a wonderful brick to use.

I'm considering replacing my beloved compact Samsung EX1 for something else. EX2F comes to mind because of current prices, but Pentax MX-1 is also possible.

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