How many cameras do you need?

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Just 2 more...ok maybe 3

ianbrown wrote:

Having been a keen photographer for many years I think most people would agree that there is a shift from DSLR to more compact bodies. However many opt for a two or even three camera systems as alternatives.

My dilemma has always been if you have two cameras and want the best IQ then you will always opt for the bigger one, which will almost certainly give you more creativity (lens option) and better performance?

I see Olympus are saying 92% of people leave their DSLR at home!

Some people are willing to sacrifice some quality when travelling but is having more than one camera only giving you a headache of which to use?

If you really want the best out of your image surely you will always choose the best camera, and that normally involves heavy body and bigger lens?

for example:

If you took a Canon 5D and say 24-70 lens and a Fuji xe1 plus 18-55 lens, surely most of the time you would pick up the Canon? However you would probably want to take the Fuji, but would your head allow you?

One day a small camera will do it, maybe if Apple started making cameras it would happen?

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While I DO have way too many already....dslrs, m4/3, point and shoot, film slr, film compact, Polaroid interchangeable lens.....

I will (for now...maybe always) keep using Pentax apsc dslrs for live music....I have too many lenses I like with them.

For other things (but also for live music), I want a couple of high quality manual focus lenses from any system that will work on various start I got a Canon FD 85 1.2L and a Pentax Q.....I also got an Oly E-PL2 ....the lens is very nice on both cameras..

The E-PL2 was very cheap and a test...the Q was also cheap and I killed it quckly but was so much fun and useable with that and other lenses with great IQ (with a good lens) that I will get another shortly.     Later I will get a better, higher end m4/3 and when it comes an affordable FF mirroless.

When i go traveling later, I expect my kit to be something like a Pentax Q, m4/3, and FF mirrorless with a 85mm 1.2, 50mm 1.2, 24mm 1.4 that will work on all formats and one or two kit zooms (small enough to not matter ....that will take up little room but give me a super tele (the 85 on the Q) and just about everything I would want....and sooo much easier than carrying a 300 2.8 with an apsc dslr.

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