Pentax Brand Not Featured in Gear Shop

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Jeff - exactly why photography magazine reviews have been completely useless for years.  Every piece of gear is great.  Price is usually the only thing they attack.

This is essentially why - for household products - people love Consumer Reports.  They don't have advertising and they don't rely on free demos from companies.  While I recognize DPR cannot go that route - this route really hits their credibility.

And, for those of you who don't know - I'm a Canon guy, not a Pentax guy.  So, I am not part of the "DPR is out to get Pentax" club.  I just believe that any corporation that relies on income from the products they review has a perception problem.  Simon's response doesn't reflect real human behavior.  His response is basically - "you should trust our integrity because we say so".  In general, I think they do a decent job on reviews - I really do.  I don't think they are biased toward one brand or another - at least not beyond whatever biases we as humans develop.  But, when you start bringing sales and profits into things - that changes matters.  SALES divisions drive companies.  Again, just my opinion.

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