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Re: Safe cleaning in real terms.

When my previous Canon printer had a problem with a clogged head I decided to renew my printer with a newer model of the same as I wasn't having much luck in curing the problem. I had thought that it may have been due to other factors such as circuit problems.

However, while I waited for my new printer to arrive I thought I'd try a drastic measure of removing the print head and immersing it in a shallow bath of water where I left it to soak overnight. I know this sounds terrible but I was ditching this printer anyway. The next day I took the head out of the water bath and left it to dry until I was satisfied it had dried completely. I the installed it back into the printer and put the printer into action. Once I had charged the head properly the printer started to work fine.

When I got my new printer rather than discard the old one I gave it to a friend who on the understanding that it may not last. That was three years ago and it's still working.

I'm not advocating this is a cure for clogged heads but at the time I had nothing to lose.

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