Upgrading Studio Setup Advice. LED or Not?

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Upgrading Studio Setup Advice. LED or Not?

I am in the process of upgrading my studio setup - I've been using the Smith Victor KT900 Setup: http://www.amazon.com/3-Light-1250-Watt-Thrifty-Mini-Boom-Carrying/dp/B0000AJB80
Honestly, more or less it has suited my purposes just fine. The only problems are this:

- The bulbs blow CONSTANTLY  Seriously so damn annoying, its like every week im replacing these bulbs. They are such low quality. Don't know if its the setup or just how these bulbs are.. 
- Extremely hot
- Not the most high quality setup
So I've been considering upgrading to an LED setup. I've read a couple books on LED lighting and it seems like its a good route. I'm still worried about it though as it doesn't seem like too many people are adopting it. The other thing is that most LEDs are extremely expensive (the nice ones at least). I'm looking to spend <$1000.

Anyone have any recommendations on LED lights that are worth investing into besides the super nice, super expensive ones? I can't find anything inbetween 1-3k LED panels or chinese knock off crap ones. 
Secondly I've been thinking about just investing into a different light setup (non LED). Not sure what though. I am kind of leaning towards this more than anything. Maybe invest into some super nice, life lasting Lumopro C-Stand's (2 regular 1 boom) and then grab a nice lighting kit to fit it?
What do you guys think? I've spent an enormous time reading and I'm really at a loss for what to do here.
I only shoot small product photography, like the size of an Xbox or smaller, always.
Really appreciate any advice!

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