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A while prior to 2am (PST, my time), Thursday, 20130516, I received a PM from a DPR member with the request I ban several other DPR members due to "deliberate bullying and trolling" for which I was directed, specifically, to this post:

http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/51475531 . WTH? Are you kidding me?

Oh, I get it. Since you mentioned "subthread", you expect me to read this whole thread to discern exactly where bullying and trolling are taking place. Well, I've got news for you and everyone else in this forum:

Being a DPR forum moderator is a volunteer effort. The DPR Admins neither require, nor expect, the DPR moderators to read every post of every thread in their respective forums. For those posts moderators do read, the moderation requirement is to enforce the Forums Rules. We, as moderators, are not here to help one particular DPR member 'win' an argument over another particular DPR member.

Furthermore, if any DPR member finds a post which they believe violates one, or more, of the Forums Rules, CLICK THE COMPLAINT BUTTON! That causes red flags to pop up and gets our attention. (But only hit the complaint button once, not multiple times.) Do not send a PM to a moderator unless you feel it is the only way to express your concern about a certain post.

In his PM to me, this particular DPR member asks, about DPR members whom happen to own equipment of brands other than Oly, "Where is the harm to them by restricting them from posting in these fora?" WTH? Are you kidding me?

Do you actually consider yourself, and any others of your ilk, to be the owners of the DPReview Olympus SLR Talk forum? In reading the DPR Forums Rules, have you found one which requires the ownership of Oly 4/3 equipment as a prerequisite to posting in the Oly SLR Talk forum?

For your information, we, as moderators, are neither required, nor expected, to perform gate-keeping duties as to which DPR members are allowed to post to certain DPR forums, with one caveat: If a thread is started whose subject is another brand of equipment other than Oly SLR, hit the complaint button and a moderator will MOVE the thread to the appropriate DPR forum. Notice, "move", not "delete".

In his PM to me, this particular DPR member states, "The harm to the rest of us from allowing their continued presence is obvious." WTH? Are you kidding me?

Sorry, I see no obvious harm. Have your Oly SLR equipment failed to capture exquisite photos, your printer(s) failed to print gorgeous prints, or your post-processing software failed to render your photos as you desire? If any post in this thread has caused personal harm to you, other than a bruised ego, please DO send a PM to me detailing the personal harm you have incurred.

As a DPR member, AND as a DPR moderator, it may just surprise you to know: I believe arguments in this forum are both beneficial and enlightening. I, personally, have found educational tidbits of which I had no previous knowledge and I thank those argumentative DPR members for providing those tidbits of information.

Want to see what happens to a forum with no arguments? Go take a look at the Olympus Compact Camera Talk forum. Notice the length of time between the posting of one thread to the posting of another thread. Take a look at how many responses there are in those threads. Yep, I am a DPR moderator there and I describe that forum, to friends of mine, as one big yawn after another.

Now take a look at what you have here in the Olympus SLR Talk forum: Weekly threads fo the posting of photos of various categories: cats (I would just love to have an Ocicat.), 'Scapes, flowers, etc. Without any statistical backup, I do believe this forum has more weekly photo threads than any other.

IMO, I believe this forum to be a wonderful, and for the most part caring, environment and I would advise looking at this forum in that manner.

With all of the above said and done, BE ADVISED: There is one action which, as a DPR moderator, does 'push my button': personal attacks by one DPR member against another DPR member. If a DPR member here sees a personal attack, please click the complaint button.

skeys, moderator

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My comments and opinions are my own. I am neither a staff member, nor a paid employee, of DPReview.

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