Nikon V2 Needs Articulating LCD

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Re: Nikon V2 Needs Articulating LCD

jonikon wrote:

boogieboogie wrote:


Exactly the reason I don't buy into Fuji and Canons current line of mirrorless aswell. Once you've started using your camera like a medium format looking down on the display, camera close to body and elbows tucked in you'll never go back to holding a camera at arms length again. It's perfect for street photography or anywhere where you don't want to stand out. With that in mind I also much prefer the vertical tilting screens which I use daily rather than the fold out and hang off the side style which I'd probably only use under certain circumstances.

The V2 has an EVF viewfinder, so there is no need to hold the camera at arms length to compose the scene, just put the camera to your eye instead. But it sounds like your goal is to photograph strangers surreptitiously,  so now I understand why you and others of your sort would want an articulated screen. I never do that, as all my photography is above board, so I did not understand  the reason some required an articulated screen. Now I know. 

- Jon

...and your "sort" are just plain rude and liable to get themselves into trouble for making unfounded accusations about people they've never met.

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