Tilt and shift lens with adaptor using XP1

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Re: Lens expectations.......

People shouldn't expect FF lenses designed to cover FF to provide huge movements on APSC via T&S adapters.

Fully agree! I have used (Nikon) T/S lenses as well al view cameras before. I might even have a look at the almost-available Samyang 24mm T/S as well... Not sure however if its moderate cost (in light of the alternatives) makes up for the occasional 'fun' use of T/S effects

If you do the maths, the diameter of a lens image circle that exactly covers FF (24X36mm) is about 43mm.

Your adapter may offer 15mm of mechanical shift, but your FF lens may only allow perhaps 6 - 8mm before it runs out of coverage.

Correct. According to the math - and assuming that your lens 'perfectly' covers the FF frame - you should have room for 8mm shift along the long side, and 10mm along the short side.

With tilt, don't forget that not all subjects are suitable for the Scheimpflug effect.  You're not actually increasing DOF.  You're tilting the plane of focus onto the subject.  The DOF at any distance doesn't increase for any given aperture.  If you have any part of the subject outside the altered plane of focus (and not within the DOF for the distance and aperture), that part of the image will be OOF even stopped down.   And don't forget to stop down - you may be seeing at maximum aperture what happens when you set the tilt, but your lens is probably still going to be sharper stopped down two to three stops, especially if it's an older lens.  And you gain DOF.

I've decided to await an XE/XP model with focus peaking.

I have an X100S, and I agree that focus peaking like on that camera would be a bonus. On the other hand, I find MF using the 3x/10x magnification working very well, certainly when using a tripod. I pick my X-Pro1 for doing 'studio' work (better LCD) or my X-E1 for outdoors (better EVF).

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