Sold my RX100 - this is why

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i'm in the same boat

I bought the RX100 with 1 thing in mind : a decent IQ pocket camera I can carry everywhere with me

I did have it with me for all the time I 've owned it and that's a boon knowing I can pretty much shoot anything anywhere

My other gear Nikon D600, Olympus EP3 are relegated to serious purposeful photo shoots

The RX100 may be the best all purpose pocketable camera but compared to MFT and FF the images still lack that 3D effect for they have so much DOF and everything is sharp on 1 plane; they also lack the DR of the larger sensors cameras, not to mention noise at ISO 800 or above

Now with the advent of the Nikon A (notably), the EP5 + 17mm, the Fuji X100s, I question whether I should keep the RX100 for I can easily carry the former anywhere and they would produce images much to my liking

Granted that the RX100 has a zoom but one can 'force' oneself to move around and learn to shoot with 1 lens

If money is plentiful I'd have kept the RX100 and add on one of the 3 cameras mentioned above but reality tells me I don't have that much disposable income so some gear would have to go; in this case the RX100

I have not yet decided on which to get next to replace the RX100; for now the EP5 is most high on the list since I 've already owned many MFT lenses

The Nikon A is next with its smallish size

The Fuji X100s can be had used, not a top priority even though I like its hybrid VF

As I already have many gear for different kinds of shooting I'm looking forward to the next generation of large sensors (MFT or larger) but compact cameras with fast and bright lens a la Nikon A or Sony RX1 (but sold for less)

I hope to see Olympus or Canon coming up with one of their own


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