Do TTL off-camera strobes give me the same range/granularity as manual?

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Re: Do TTL off-camera strobes give me the same range/granularity as manual?

ranalli wrote:

I'm using manual radio triggers currently firing TTL off camera strobes(SB-700s) in manual mode.  In manual I can go from 1/1-1/128 strength in 1/3 step increments.  Not sure if those increments are 1/3 a stop but I usually just play around with several test shots until I get my soft-boxes lighting the way I want for 1/160 shutter speed at whatever aperture I'm looking for.

My question is will switching to TTL triggers give me the same range essentially?  I see +3.0ev to -3.0ev in 1/3 stop increments.


Yes, same range, max to min.  With Manual mode flash, when you aim it something else, you have to adjust the power level manually yourself.  With TTL, it does it automatically.   Realistically, both are just starting points, and you tweak in the final exposure to be as you want it.  Manual flash, you just change the level. TTL, you use Flash Compensation.

Nikon flashes, there are a few ways to do flash compensation for TTL.  On the flash body menu.  Also Flash Compensation on the camera body (for gear in the Nikon CLS communication system).  Also in the Commander menu, adjusting individual flashes.  Also, Exposure Compensation affects both the flash and the ambient meter.

All of these ADD to a final compensation value.

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