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Re: Fuji X30 wants

0MitchAG wrote:

Trollshavethebestcandy wrote:

Same everything and approx size but 1" Xtrans sensor.
I can't see them getting much more out of this size sensor that they have without diminishing returns.

I agree, but for a camera that new, the LCD really needs updating - 460k is quite poor and one of the biggest annoyances on my previous camera was the low resolution LCD. Sometimes, I couldn't actually see if my photos were in focus or blurred when reviewing them, and thus lost a few good shots upon seeing them on my laptop. Especially for a product of its price, it's really an afterthought it seems. As if because it had an optical viewfinder, it wasn't too important, though I can agree with that to some degree, but not enough to justify the high end price.

Battery life is also quite poor, when compared against competitors and even the other Fuji X series cameras.

Yes, the screen is poor for checking focus.

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