why not f/1.2 by Sony?

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Re: Except...

Great Bustard wrote:.

So, f/1.2 on 1.5x puts the same total amount of light on the sensor for a given shutter speed as f/1.8 on FF, which will result in the same noise for equally efficient sensors.

Sorry, that's not true .

The amount of light is not measured across the entire sensor surface, that's not how sensivity measurement works .
Any object of a certain brightness will always create the same exposure with a certain ISO/f-stop/shutter speed combination, on sensors of any size or quality - unless someone lies about the specs .

Resulting image quality, noise, resolution, enlargment, that is a very different matter, but that discussion is not about ISO or aperture . 
Those are related to a degree, but not part of any reasonable comparison chart .

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