Do *NOT* Buy STK 3rd party batteries for Canon 6D/5DMKIII

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Re: Do *NOT* Buy STK 3rd party batteries for Canon 6D/5DMKIII

scrup wrote:

eorlingas wrote:

Can someone explain to me the advantage(s) of using third party batteries, beyond the perceived cost savings?

Honestly if you're going to invest thousands of dollars on your camera, why would you theb skimp on a mere $100-$200 on something that could do lasting damage to that investment?

It's one thing if these third party batteries are actually more reliable or longer lasting than their genuine counterparts, but by most accounts the most one can hope for is a near match.

Not trying to be snobby here. I use third party lenses and non-critical gadgets all the time. Just genuinely wondering.

Thanks for reading!

Same thing as cars. Not everyone uses OEM parts or takes it to the dealer or follows the scheduled servicing intervals and these things cost more than your cameras.

Third party batteries are a fraction of the cost and can do for the most part their intended job.

I have purchased many third party batteries in the past and have not had issues with branded ones.

Some of the generic ones that had no labels I had issues with charging but it has never ever damaged any of my equipment. You take a gamble sometimes it pays off other times it doesn't.

If the third party is less than a third of OEM then I will always go with that option.

I couldn't agree more with scrup. Just because I drive an Acura doesn't mean I should get my oil changes at the dealer for more the twice the going rate.

Anyone who thinks "I have a Canon, so everything must have the red ring" is a snob. So, saying that one should spend 4-5 times the amount for oem batteries is really no different.

Just curious, have you ever seen 3rd party batteries actually do lasting damages on your camera?

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