The only thing I dislike about the Nikon D5200 are the plastic mount lenses...

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Re: The only thing I dislike about the Nikon D5200 are the plastic mount lenses...

Smiller4128 wrote:

I'm loving my D5200, but have recently read about the 18-105mm lens I have for it being a plastic mount and subsequently a lot of people seem to have broken theirs at one point or another. Now I'm scared to death to use it! So I began looking at some other options for lenses with a metal mount and it seems Canon makes you invest quite a bit of money for a medium zoom lens with metal
Mounts. The first lens up is the AF-S 24-85mm at $600, then the 16-85mm at $630, and an 18-200mm at $800, and finally the 17-55mm at $1300...I only wish there were more options for less money like Canon seems to have, but I suppose it is what it is.

Fear not.  I have taken my 18-105 on many trips into sketchy areas - cities, towns, backcountry, safaris - and have not babied it. It has not failed, even though it's gotten knocked about through thousands of images.  This is a pretty rugged lens even with its plastic mount.

I will say that while I do carry my camera and lens exposed a lot, I tend to use the Cinch/sling style carry that tucks the camera in and down against my lower back, when I'm walking:

You can emulate this commercial product (since updated) by using the left strap lug and a tripod plate with a strap attach point with your existing neck strap.  Not as smooth, but extremely effective and your camera almost never flaps and knocks about.  Plus your neck is spared the pain of supporting your equipment, and the straps stay clear of your grip hand.

Also, when traveling in really sketchy territory, I treat my equipment with the respect it deserves and keep it at the ready in a waistbag until I'm ready to shoot.  There's not too much lost in the opportunity with a properly designed waist/shoulder bag...Zip, it's out, zip, it's in and protected. Something with a top zip like a ThinkTank ChangeUp or SubUrban Disguise, or a Tamrac Velocity work well.  Messenger bags don't work as well because the flap opens up the wrong way for quick access.

Pro equipment is heavy metal because pros knock their equipment about a lot.  But pros are also shooting with full metal camera bodies as well...remember, it's better for your lens' plastic mount to snap off with a really hard knock than your plastic mirror box - on which your lens is mounted - to break instead.  It's relatively easy to replace the lens' mount; not so much the mirror box.  Both would have to go in for realignment and a thorough check after such an incident, in any case.

Save the metal mounts for the heavier lenses.  That's why they have them and the lighter lenses don't.

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