The only thing I dislike about the Nikon D5200 are the plastic mount lenses...

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Re: The only thing I dislike about the Nikon D5200 are the plastic mount lenses...

Smiller4128 wrote:

I'm loving my D5200, but have recently read about the 18-105mm lens I have for it being a plastic mount and subsequently a lot of people seem to have broken theirs at one point or another. Now I'm scared to death to use it! So I began looking at some other options for lenses with a metal mount and it seems Canon makes you invest quite a bit of money for a medium zoom lens with metal
Mounts. The first lens up is the AF-S 24-85mm at $600, then the 16-85mm at $630, and an 18-200mm at $800, and finally the 17-55mm at $1300...I only wish there were more options for less money like Canon seems to have, but I suppose it is what it is.

It sounds like you have an issue with the lens, not the D5200.  A D5200 does not dictate whether you must use a metal or plastic lens mount.  Your budget does that.  That being said, I did a quick search on eBay and found a few metal lens mounts.  I don't know if every lens has unique locations for their screws, but if they don't (i.e. the locations of the screws are in standardized locations), then perhaps you can buy one of those $15 and just replace the plastic lens mount with a metal one.  If they aren't in standardized locations, you're handy, and feeling a bit experimental, then perhaps you can drill those holes yourself.  It seems like a relatively cheap and interesting afternoon project.

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