rebel or 6d? for all round photography

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Re: rebel or 6d? for all round photography

biza43 wrote:

jrkliny wrote:

Cropped sensor cameras provide better DOF.  This helps a lot for landscape photography and even more for macro photography.

This is just wrong. there is no "better" or "worse" depth-of-field. Plus, on a crop-sensor camera, the aperture at which the effects of diffraction start to be noticeable and to impart softness to the image is reached earlier than for full frame cameras.

To the OP: for your intended uses, a crop sensor camera is more than enough. If you want to have a bit better improvement on things like ergonomics and robustness, you can always go for a 60D or 7D, these are excellent cameras.

The advantage of full frame is clear, but for lots of people, they will not see a difference.

then theres the micro focus adjustment Personally im fed up of having to send cameras and lenses for calibration because canons tolerances for the rebel are imho too liberal.

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