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Great Bustard wrote:

What I'm asking is, for example, if a photo had been taken with an entry level Canon DSLR and the kit lens, would it have made a difference in the success of the photo if it had been taken instead with the Nikon D800 and a top tier lens, where by "success of the photo" I mean you would have paid for one, but not the other, or paid more for one than the other.

At least based on the pictures I've found appealing enough to buy or hang in my home, the equipment used seems completely irrelevant.  One of my favorites is a wonderfully atmospheric photo of an unattended anvil and forge.  It was by a local artist and taken at a local pioneer-themed park/museum.  Turns out the camera used was an older, 5 megapixel Panasonic compact.  When I've attended photography art exhibits and spoken with the artists present, it turns out that there is a wide range of equipment used and a wide range of photographic knowledge held, from those knowing practically nothing about their camera other than making sure the mode dial is on auto, to those with great expertise on seemingly everything photography-related.  But there was no correlation between the equipment/knowledge of the artist and the appeal of the images each chose to hang (or that was juried into the exhibit).

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