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Re: Musician analogy

richardplondon wrote:

If we're going down this path, then the musical equivalent would be obsessing about the coefficient of expansion of the guitar strings vs. overall evaluation of the musical quality of the instrument.

Or, whether you see yourself as a piano tuner, or as a piano player.

A piano tuner (technician) regards success, in terms of how accurate the pitch intervals are. Tuners often rattle rather mechanically through a short piece of music which helps them judge their adjustments are OK overall... the audible equivalent of a brick wall test; meaningless otherwise.

A piano player (performer) by contrast, regards overall success as the communication of the music - which (among many other requirements) needs pitch intervals which are not so inaccurate as to sound like a cacophony. Above a certain baseline , attaining further accuracy still will have negligible effect on the experience of the audience - but if the accuracy slips below that threshold, a lot of them will find that excruciatingly distracting to the performance.

It is part of the musician's job to ensure tuning is "at least good enough", as a matter of good workmanship, just like the phrasing, tempo, choice of repertoire, showing up on time and dressed appropriately, etc.

And for a few seconds while the performer is checking the tuning of the instrument on stage, before starting, he/she does fill the role of a technician... but nobody mistakes that for the performance.

Technically a tuner is choosing where to hide the wolf for that specific instrument.

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