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Re: Zero Pecent

Glen Barrington wrote:

I believe we are at the point, technology wise, that the effectiveness of a photo simply CAN'T be degraded by technology issues.

Not quite.. refer to by comment about "texture mearing", below. Some cameras have innate limitations..

Now we could ruin a photo by using the wrong equipment.  But quality equipment is available in all price ranges and even from the humblest equipment manufacturer.  The tech really IS that good.

I'm a firm believer in the idea that if your photos suck, it isn't the equipment at fault, it's you.

Sort of - but you can take a lovely photo with a bridge camera (pinhead sensor) that is less than it should be due to the texture smearing - this would be improved with a more capable camera.

I agree that virtually any camera will take a decent picture if you know how to use it - but certain camera have limitations that do affect the picture output.

It could still be argued that it's the photographer - using a tool that's not suitable for the job.
Like using a pinbhole camera for a fashion shoot.. pinhole cameras are fun and have a place, but I'd not use one for an important shot of a local Manor House..

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I'd guesstimate at maybe 1 - 3% of photos.

If you like the photo and it works for you then it's fine as it is..

Sometimes I take a photo of castles or ruins with my wife's Panasonic FZ 150 - it's OK but it often smears the textures.

This is not often a problem to be as i use the pix as record shots of an area to return to - but sometimes I just go back and take the photo with my 5D2 - it produces vastly better images of the same scene.

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