Got my RX-100 today

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Re: Got my RX-100 today

I am sorry, but I can't really comment per se on the Sony DSLR's, however against my NEX 5N (and i think it has similar APS-C sensor to the DSLR's?) the RX100 is inferior. There is a certain naturalness to high contrast images which the RX100 cannot achieve. Bokeh is of course better, low light performance better.

Let's not get carried away. Perhaps if you pixel peep, you can argue blah blah. But I am talking about taking around 8000 shots with my NEX 5N and around 6000 with the RX100. Real world photography.

I take the nex whenever possible and mostly both cams when I take the nex out, but as a walkaround , everyday,  have it with you always camera, the RX100 hits the mark. It's a super tool.

Also, you can get FAR more out of the RAW files with the APS C NEX than with the RX100. I shoot jpg/raw with nex and just jpg with the RX100 as a result.

As examples... see here...this is the sort of thing i mean.NOTE This is an extreme example, not intended to show the RX100 in a bad way, but to illustrate differences. I am sure the light was brighter for the RX100 pic, but it highlights what I mean generally. The NEX is capable of a smoother more natural transition between lights and darks, and much less prone to clipping.

As a result , the APS C is so much more forgiving when it comes to getting a good shot.

For me, you can keep all your pixel peeping, ultimate sharpness, noise, etc. The way the light is captured is paramount. It's all about the light!

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