24mp sensor for m43? 3.2micron pixel pitch!

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Re: Micro Four Thirds - 64 Mpixels, Here We Come !

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An in-depth and quite interesting 2008 paper entitled, "Does resolution really increase image quality?", authored in part by Frederic Guichard, Chief Scientist at DxO Labs, and that DxOLabs provides only upon specific request is downloadable here:


Interesting that back then they thought 3.2micron was small enough for aps-c size sensors which suggest they have further to go with aps-c and possibly anything below this on m43 is a problem unless sensor development comes along with some huge innovations, to a certain extent this has happened by Sony and now Toshiba, although the Toshiba sensor has banding issues in this early generation.

It appears that the initialization "APS-C" refers to "Advanced Photo System".

See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/APS-C

and: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_Photo_System

... whereas the paper, when using an initialization of "APS" is referring to "Active Pixel Sensor":

In Section 2 we describe the effects of technology scaling on a variety of pixel properties for conventional active pixel sensors (APS).

The diagonal size of the active-area of the image-sensors that they are considering are mostly 0.25 Inch diagonal (1/4"), as well as doing some benchmarking measurements of 1/3.2" and 1/3"sized image-sensors (see Table 2). These are small sized items. M43 image-sensors are 1/1.172" diagonal.

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