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chucuyuco wrote:

I too would like to see an updated K-30. My wishes include better battery life, better functioning with external bounce flash and focus peaking during video.

Is it just me that when I come to dpreview everyday I get my hopes up thinking, today's the day of the announcement!

Well, my K-30 has has decent battery life of approx. 500-600 shots with a set of Eneloops, this is definitely enough for my needs. Also it works extremely well with external bouncing flash! Must be a failure of sorts.

It is funny seeing neo-cinephile-photographers complaining about the lacks of modern age focusing aids like focus-peaking. Do you know what a Hollywood production focus puller's (or 1st camera assistant) only tool is..? A measuring tape.

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tell me what your 3 favorite lenses are - and I'll tell you what kind of a photographer you are...

That's awesome that they use a measuring tape.  Maybe I can have an assistant or 10 too?  Just because you don't need/want something for a certain camera doesn't mean it's not useful to someone else.  I don't care if Pentax has long telephotos but I don't say "why don't you just get closer?" because I know it matters to a lot of people.

The majority of dSLR videographers has little experience with film production, but now they all want to have that film-look, because technically the camera can provide it. Some of the users have done videos with a camcorder before and they expect to press the button and the camera will do the rest.

Well, it's not as dead simple to achieve the film-look. You ought to learn the cinematic language. You ought to learn about camera movement. And you ought to get at least one assistant (=focus puller) if you want to get somewhere. Otherwise you don't get very far, you'll be finding yourself just scratching on the surface.

I'm glad the battery is sufficient for you but the camera market is a competition, and as dpr noted, the battery life doesn't measure up very well.

That dpr comment went on the supplied Li-Ion battery, I use AA Eneloops. I hope you are aware of the multiple battery options of K-30. If 500 shots per charge is not enough for you there is a solution for that: get AA Lithium batteries, they are good for 2000+ shots per set. I doubt you can shoot so much at once. But one never knows

I'm mainly a photog though I've done some small paid video stuff (used the K-01).  The K-30 was so close for videographers in a lot of ways, I hope the successor fills in some of those gaps. I can't afford to have a pro video camera and a pro photog camera so I do my best to find something that can fill both needs with photography being number 1.

If you do mainly photos then I'd say congratulations! You got into the most photography oriented system so far. But if you plan to shoot video more often on a higher level (semiprofessional) I suggest you get one one of the later Lumix cameras.

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tell me what your 3 favorite lenses are - and I'll tell you what kind of a photographer you are...

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