6D held back by lens?

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Re: 6D held back by lens?

An APSC body requires much sharper lens than full frame because of the small sensor pitch. So an 18Mpx APSC with a very good lens will show less sharp images than an 22Mpx full frame with a medium quality lens.

One thing you are probably doing wrong is shooting all your images at f4. Try using a tripod for your landscape (24mm pictures) and shooting at f8. You will get a much deeper depth of field and sharper images. Most of the lenses become sharper as you stop them down. That is why if you buy an f2,8 lens and shoot at f4 it will be sharper than your 24-70 at f4. But I guess the tripod is a much cheaper investment than any L lens

Be carefull when shooting at f4. This will give you a very shallow depth of field on a full frame camera. That could be easily mistaken as loss of sharpness. If you are shooting landscape/architecture you should be shooting at least f8. Maybe f11-16. Do not go beyond that as the effect of diffraction will make your pictures look unsharp againa.

Shoot in RAW and use either Canon Digital Lens Optimizer or DXO software to correct any lens defects.

Buying fast cheap primes is a great idea also. You DO NOT NEED L LENS. Buy the Samyang 14mm you can live with the manual focus and aperture. Buy the new Canon 24mm f2.8 IS if you shoot mainly at 24mm. Buy the 50mm f1.4 USM and the 85mm f1.8 USM. All are great lens that lack the L designation but will give you very good IQ compared to any zoom. And all toghether they cost less than the 24mm L.

Good luck.

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