OM-D E-M5 vs E-5 (build quality)

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Re: Yeah, that was an overboard fan quote if I ever saw one :)

While I agree with you that there's more to a simple number, truth is, many other systems have much better tonality, DR and details at least with some lens combinations than the E-5.

Olympus lenses are good, but he E_5 sensor is really holding it back. Nothing should prove this further than an OM-5- just put the very same 4/3rd lenses with an adapter and see for yourself.

Olympus vs Olympus body except one has a state of the art sensor while the other doesn't.  Oh , and that of course assumes you are not lifting shadows too much, shooting at the low ISO- then ok. God forbid you are doing work at higher ISO on the E-5 where banding shows up.

Finally you are taking the opinion of ONE printer. Could it be possible maybe other printers could have a different opinion?

I'll agree with you in the operating domain where the E-5 can do well with its sensor, an SHG lens plus the E-5 can produce outstanding output.  But that would be a very different thing to say from what you said and it's worth noting what range that operating domain has.  It's like the E-3 review at Luminous Landscape- 2nd opinion:

"Under ideal conditions, the E-3 produces absolutely stunning file quality."

"An E-3 frame shot at 1600ASA. 
Banding is manifesting itself quite obviously in the flat areas of the frame
and there is absolutely no latitude for pushing the exposure in post production."

The very same applies to the E-5, imho. (in fact, the banding could be worse)

I bet your printer would be surprised to see what a Fuji Xtrans camera can do, or hell, even the Pentax Q:

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