Bokeh with 18-55mm f3.5-5.6

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Re: The Taj with most any lens !

c.hammett wrote:

Fierygohan wrote:


Thanks Philip and Carolyn.

how did u manage to get those shots of the Taj without anyone.

And @Carolyn did the security guards allow your camera bag to go into the Taj. And were they a problem. Was your bag scanned.


We were at the Taj first thing when it opened at dawn... maybe 6 or 6:30 a.m.  Now this was in 2005, so my memory of exact time is a little vague.  We were among the first people there though, and I took tons of pictures.  It was barely light, and it was wonderful to watch the Taj emerge from the early dawn light and kind of "unfold" as the light and color changed.  I wouldn't trade that experience for anything.... well most anything !   So that's how we got pix with few people. There is also a picture of me shot on the back side of the Taj, sitting in one of the arches. The picture is on the row just below the images of the Taj on the link I gave you.  I don't know if they would allow people do do that now or not.  We had to put on felt booties over our shoes before going inside.  As I recall, no photos allowed inside.

As for bags and security... there wasn't any security or bag scanner that I recall.  We just handed someone our ticket and walked in.  That was then.... this is now.  So can't comment on that !


Thanks again.

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