Poll Will You buy LR5 knowing that next LR will be available through cloud only?

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Re: More of a, would I buy, if I needed it to begin with.

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Jim Hess wrote:

Absolutely!  It adds some nice features, and those features won't go away when/if Lightroom really does go subscription.  One question, have you read anywhere that Lightroom will only be available through the Creative Cloud?  Maybe I haven't read as much as you have, but I haven't seen that stated as yet.  At any rate, if everything does go to the CC that's OK.  I can still use my Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom 5.  It's not like anything new coming out is going to dramatically change the results.  I like what I can do now.  I don't plan to go to the CC.  I will upgrade Lightroom as long as I can.  And when that comes to an end I will either switch to something else or just be satisfied with what I have.


That is an intelligent, logical  reasonable response Jim and most assuredly not what the OP is looking for. Lol.

You seems to know expectations of others very well.
No, I just want to know some arguments that are "pro" and "con".
For me it is important to know, as starting with lr3 I've decided to make this software the main solution for archive managing. And now I'm in a point that allows me to jump into another program, because I'm not ready to accept paying for the CC for the rest of my life to posses the access to my database - if I have any reasonable choice.

My logic is that I've chosen Lightroom and invested 5-6 years of photos into it's system.  It would cost me a lot to switch products, both to figure out what to do with my library and to invest in learning a new tool.

So, until Adobe actually makes a reason to switch, why switch?  Adobe may have changed the business model for some other products, but they have not changed it for Lightroom.  So, why cause myself grief by switching to another product when there is no problem to solve right now.   If it happens two years from now, I'll deal with it then.  If I decide to switch then, it won't make a whole lot of difference to me whether I have 5 years of photos in LR or 7 years.  It will be a pain either way.

And, I think there's also a reasonable probability that Adobe realizes that the market served by Lightroom contains a lot of hobbiests who don't spend money the same way that corporations do and thus Lightroom needs a different model than CS so I'd also like to give that outcome a chance to happen since that's the best for me.

And, since I do buy every upgrade to LR, it's also a possibility that subscribing to LR wouldn't be a problem for me too if it went to the subscription model.  There are lots of different possible outcomes in the future and I will know and understand them much better in the future so that's when I will best be equipped to make a decision about those outcomes - not now.  I'm not interested in making work for myself now just because of something Adobe did in another product line that isn't affecting me.

I do own CS6 (upgrade from CS3 - that's how often I upgrade) so in 3-4 years I'll probably be looking for a new pixel editor.  Since the CC model doesn't really work for hobby photographers (too expensive) and photographers do have occasional need for pixels editors, I figure there will probably be some new options for photographers (from someone other than Adobe) by the time I'm ready to advance beyond my current CS6.

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