Updating 5n firmware with mac: error message at step #12.

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Re: Updating 5n firmware with mac: error message at step #12.

Thankfully, there's forums like this to help with such situations. I almost hit the ceiling during the 1.02 firmware update on my NEX 7 when pushing the "okay" button ejected the camera and the disconnect warning came up. I figured I was screwed as the camera would no longer turn on. I force quit the application, then tried to turn the camera off and on again to see only a black screen. Not knowing what to do, I pulled the battery and the camera reset itself.

I tried the process 3 times with the same results before coming here to this forum. Everything is okay and the process completed with no problems other than elevated blood pressure. Firmware updates can be tricky and a failure can damage the device or requiring to send it back to the manufacturer.

For crying out loud Sony, how about including this in the firmware instruction process! The window just says "the camera screen will now turn off", it doesn't say anything about the camera ejecting itself from the desktop and the disconnect warning popping up.

While I'm on a rant, how about some damn lens for this expensive camera? You know, like a medium zoom, or how about a real macro other than the ridiculously short 30mm you came up with, like maybe a 60 and 85mm, or longer.

Okay, I feel better I must say I love my NEX 7 in my Nauticam underwater housing rather than hauling around a heavy SLR UW system when diving like I used to have. Hopefully the glass will show up soon. looks like I'll have to wait another 5 to 7 months for the Zeiss 50 macro, but at least it's on it's way

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