OM-D E-M5 vs E-5 (build quality)

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Re: Oh, here we go again...

Just Having Fun wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

You know, it hasn't been demonstrated.  If I'm in error on that point, please link me to the photos where the E5 system put the other systems "to shame".

What he is saying is the Oly lenses are really good, and it is a real shame there is no DSLR better than the E-5 to put them on.

Hmm.  Seemed to me he was saying something stronger.  Something like, "The E-5 produces 1m-wide prints that easily put most other systems to shame for detail/contrast, and this will not change for as long as the camera works"

Of course you can buy a refurbished E-PM2 for about $300 and use those Oly lenses, and especially at ISOs above 800, it will put the E-5 to shame.

I'm thinking philosomatographer would disagree.

(In low light at ISO400 noise really starts destroying detail with the E-5 and DR is  reduced by then, as DPR says, "The drop in critical sharpness and detail resolution from ISO 400-800, for example, is more pronounced than we've come to expect, and by the time you get up to ISO 1600 and beyond, noise levels are disappointingly high") - Wow, a drop in detail at ISO400? So does that mean by ISO 800 you are only getting around 8MP resolution even with those expensive lenses?

I'm thinking philosomatographer would either disagree, or say that "real photography" is done at base ISO.

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