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Re: Export MIGHT be possible. . .

Ted Kahn wrote:

Glen Barrington wrote:

Well those non destructive edits can be stored directly in a DNG file, So theoretically at least, those edits could be accessed by any piece of software that fully supported the DNG format.

I don't think that will work.  Lightroom stores your edits as a list of instructions that tell the image rendering engine (if that's the right terminology) what to do in order to make the image look the way you adjusted it.  Without the engine itself the instructions are meaningless, and of course no other company has access to Adobe's engine.

Bummer!  I suspect you are correct.  Sometimes we get carried so away with the challenge that we forget the practical application.

It appears the area in a dng file set aside for the changes is a free form text field of no fixed size.  The software publisher appears to be free to use this field any way it wants.  Even if there were consistent standards on how that field was used so that retrieval of the information stored there was simple; re applying that info to the photo in a manner consistent with how Adobe does it might violate Adobe's proprietary rights.  The algorithms are copyrightable and I can't believe Adobe would let that detail slide!

At the very least, I suspect writing some sort of conversion utility would not likely be economically viable.

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