Olympus OM-D E-M5 Vs. Sony NEX-6 (or other APS-C mirrorless)

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Re: Olympus OM-D E-M5 Vs. Sony NEX-6 (or other APS-C mirrorless)

Pierrrrrrre wrote:

Olympus OM-D
+ Excellent image quality, even in Jpeg
+ Stabilisation (5 axes !) included in the camera body
+ Good quantity of Four Third lenses (Panasonic, Olympus, Sigma...)
+ Very nice retro design

Yes, micro43 has an outstanding native mount lens selection.

+ Heavy customization possible (looks like you can customize almost all the buttons!)
- Four Third sensor = smaller than an APS-C = less light = issues in low light (?)

Right now APS still does better than 4/3 for high ISO.  That said, the current generation of micro43 cameras are very very good.  So I would have to say it depends on how heavily you weight high ISO performance in your considerations.

- Body is a bit too small, and buttons as well...

Not really, unless you really like the size of FF 35mm SLRs, or have very big hands.

- The kit lens (12-50mm) looks quite big compared to the 16-50 of the Sony NEX-6
Sony NEX-6

Yes, it does make for a very nice small NEX package.  But if top notch image quality is what you are after, you will definately need a better lens.

+ APS-C sensor, therefore better image quality than a Four Third sensor (?)
+ With its kit lens (16-50mm), it's really small and light!

See my comment above.  APS still gets the nudge for high ISO performance

+ The elecontric viewfinder resolution is pretty amazing

It beats not having an EVF, that's for sure, but in no way compares to a good OVF.

+ Hybrid AF system: The best of both Worlds?

Push.  Only works with some lenses, not all, and of course, not at all with any legacy lens.

+ WiFi included, can be useful

Could be, but really isn't.  The Sony remote control app is severely crippled.

- The picture quality doesn't look that amazing for a camera "with a Reflex sensor"


- No body stabilisation

No IBIS.  Sony, like Panasonic, has optical stabilization in some lenses (the 16-50 kit lens, for example).

I own the NEX-6 and a Panasonic GX1.  Personally, I think the GX1 is the better camera.

One thing you did not mention is the NEX mickey mouse menu system.  It is just horrible.

The GX1 gives more opportunities to customize the camera to work the way you want it to.  To me, the NEX fights you all the way.

The NEX has no custom save slots for camera settings... NONE, ZERO, NADA.

The GX1 has 4.

I like the NEX EVF, but only because the GX1 does not have a builtin EVF.

The grip on the NEX is very good.

The tilting LCD on the NEX is not only good, but quite useful.

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