Olympus OM-D E-M5 Vs. Sony NEX-6 (or other APS-C mirrorless)

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Re: Olympus OM-D E-M5 Vs. Sony NEX-6 (or other APS-C mirrorless)

I keep seeing this question come up over and over It is a tough choice between the two and IMO they are very closely matched - each one has their own strengths and weaknesses.

For me the deciding factor was the price...I got the NEX-6 about 3 month back for an awsome price of about $970 after taxes with both kit 16-50 and tele 55-210. Once I add a 50mm to this (50mm f1.8 OSS for $300 looks great) I will be pretty much set, so it all depends on your needs.

You can have all lense selection in the world but if the lenses you need are covered by the system it becomes a moot point. All the lenses I mentioned are already stabilized - I am not sure if any of the e-mount are not.

OMD was a $300+ more just with the kit lens and over $400 with the tele added. In addition video AF was important to me and based on what I have seen and read OMD has some hunting issues when tracking moving subjects in video (maybe of no importance to you though).

I wouldn't get hung up on the Dpreview test images...I've discussed those scenarios and where the camera focused during the test shoot and what lens was used (in this case it's not even an E-mount lens - it's an A mount through adapter) can make quite a difference to how sharp the image looks.

From what I have seen the OMD images are indeed sharper but it's due to the JPEG engine in the camera...OMD JPEGs are very nice - if you hate any kind of PP could be the right choice for you but with just a little PP you can transform NEX-6 images to look just like that. On the other hand if you look at higher ISO images on the comparison tools you may notice some artifacts due to sharpening, which can also be boosted on the NEX-6 in-camera. I am not defending the NEX - just trying to point out that you shouldn't concentrate on that softness in Dpreview tests - look at the many sample images posted on the forums instead.

I think that image quality wise it is safe to say that neither camera really has much of the upper hand over the other so base your decision on other factors.

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