Got my RX-100 today

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Re: Got my RX-100 today

salla30 wrote:

It can be hard to judge the exposure, especially in strong light, so consider using histogram on screen and use the post-shot view with histogram and blinkies to optimise.

Obscure tip for the histogram is that I think the only way to be able to adjust exposure while looking at it, in P mode, is to assign Exposure Comp to the lens ring.  Otherwise you have to keep flipping between an EC amount display, and the histogram.  One of a few flaws that really grinds my gears, given how good the rest of the UI is.  The limit on exposure bracketing is another, not that I ever really _did_ manual, in Photoshop, HDR, but I liked the ability to.  With the RX100's built-in HDR, I find I'm using the technique quite a bit with really nice results, and often with +- 4 or 5 stops of bracketing.

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