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alatchin wrote:

Also in the realm of digital there is an element of sensor design in the equation. When I sold my original E-3 and bought an a850 I dont think I realized the difference between the sensor output. However once I had a selection of a850 images to compare to my E-3 more often than not I preferred the results of the E-3, specifically with colour and skin tones.

I had a similar experience with the A900. Kept it for all of a week. Never went back to Sony for anything.

Well, there were a few things I liked about the Sony, in terms of handling, it was right up there with the E-X cameras from olympus (vertical grip was second to none), and of course in general the output was very nice. However a limited lens line-up combined with "something" about the colour I wasn't too keen on... alongside them going SLT and I got out.

I haven't held or tried the A99 but I am pretty much settled back into Olympus and dont see much reason for moving about now

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