Please define "pixel peeping".

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Re: Similar to not seeing the forest for the trees

richardplondon wrote:

I believe "the whole is morethan the sum of it's parts" .... I look at the whole and if to my eyes that whole is good, I couldn't care less if there is CA at a pixel level or whatever other issues pixel-peepers look for.  I'm therefore committing a "photographic sin" and am "ignorant".  No worries here.  

Perhaps we can think of this, on the analogy of a musician who spends some of the time in the practice room - playing scales, working out fingering / breaths / phrasing whatever, studying the score - and spends some of the time on stage performing the music.

Someone who only ever worked on the scales and exercises, might become in time a very good technician - but that alone cannot make a rounded, insightful musician, who audiences will pay to see.

On the other hand, someone who refused to enter the practice room at all, might thus be left free to spend 100% of the time performing music... not very well, and never finding out why that was.

So we have two quite separate, but complementary and necessary, kinds of skill.


Using your example above, if I enjoy that musician's performance, I don't really care if she/he is an innate great musician, who doesn't need to practice very much, or if she/he has spent 18 hours a day practicing for months.  What I believe is that some photographers worry too much about the technical aspects of an image, expecting nothing more than perfect "everything" technical, when perhaps that is not necessary to recognise an image as a good piece of work.

On the other hand, if the pixel level inspection is to ascertain and compare equipment before purchasing a new piece, then I would agree that it is a useful approach.

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