Please define "pixel peeping".

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Re: Similar to not seeing the forest for the trees

I believe "the whole is morethan the sum of it's parts" .... I look at the whole and if to my eyes that whole is good, I couldn't care less if there is CA at a pixel level or whatever other issues pixel-peepers look for.  I'm therefore committing a "photographic sin" and am "ignorant".  No worries here.  

Perhaps we can think of this, on the analogy of a musician who spends some of the time in the practice room - playing scales, working out fingering / breaths / phrasing whatever, studying the score - and spends some of the time on stage performing the music.

Someone who only ever worked on the scales and exercises, might become in time a very good technician - but that alone cannot make a rounded, insightful musician, who audiences will pay to see.

On the other hand, someone who refused to enter the practice room at all, might thus be left free to spend 100% of the time performing music... not very well, and never finding out why that was.

So we have two quite separate, but complementary and necessary, kinds of skill.


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