Anyone find the lack of AF illuminator frustrating?

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Re: same thing.

Lemming51 wrote:

"AF Assist Beam" is Canon's terminology.  On the current EOS models with built-in flash, the flash pops up and flickers to put more light on the subject.  Current EOS models without built-in flash also lack an AF Assist Beam.  On most of Canon's speedlites, it's a dedicated patterned near-infrared lamp, though the smallest models like the 270EX II does the flicker-flash instead.

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Thanks for the reply. So AF Assist Beam is present in EOS bodies with built in flashes but it differs from the external "newer" Speedlites in methodology, built in flashes use annoying flickers to assist in AF while the external flashes have a dedicated lamp for the beam, Is that right? Which one is more accurate?

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