nikon D5100 night shot vs Lumix LX5

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Re: nikon D5100 night shot vs Lumix LX5

I'd like to add a comment from my experience of using the LX5.
On one hand, I agree that the LX maxes out at 800 ISO, whereas the D5100 is said to still produce good results at 3200.
Notice that the difference between 800 and 3200 ISO is two aperture stops.
In its favor, the LX5 has a superbly contrasty Leica lens with a maximum aperture of f2.0. In my view, based on taking night shots with the LX5, that two stop lens advantage, in a way, helps bridge the difference in sensor quality from DSLRs. Prosumer Nikon lenses -- not talking about pro lenses - often have maximum apertures of 3.5 or 4.0.
Hence, in practice, I've been able to take nice night shots with the LX5 using ISO 400 taking advantage of the f2.0 aperture.
Even if the LX5's JPegs may not be stellar, there is enough there in the LX5's raw files to tweak something nice out of it using Photoshop.
So, in summary, I believe the LX5's large 2.0 aperture must be considered when comparing its low light performance.
And in the recent LX7, it has a maximum aperture of 1.4 which is even more advantageous, allowing it to use lower ISOs in low light shooting.

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