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Re: "It is better, because image circle is larger" - enough said

ultimitsu wrote:

noirdesir wrote:

ultimitsu wrote:

noirdesir wrote:

No, I asked you about the relative performance of two specific lenses and you said:

"It [lens A] is better because [its] image circle is larger the resulting image has much more detail, a native strength of being FX."

Then you trot out a lens test that supposedly shows this but which at closer analysis actually disproves it. You were the one who used the larger image circle as an absolute rule to supposedly prove that the Sigma is a better lens than the Tokina.

you should read posts in their totality. following that passage i also wrote:

But when compared to FX lens it is very difficult for 11-16 to beat them on total resolution and speed.

I did not write

But when compared to FX lens it is impossible for 11-16 to beat them on total resolution and speed.

You first said that a specific FX lens is better than the Tokina.

under a general rule.

Then you made a general statement that it is difficult to for Tokina to beat any FX lens. So, you opened the possibility that the Tokina could be better than some FX lenses.

that is when I said nothing specific about the sigma.

Yes, you did. I said that I don't know whether the Sigma is better or worse than the Tokina. Any you replied to that sentence with: "Yes, it is better, because ...".

These are separate statements, first a specific comparison and second a comparison with the whole body of FX lenses.

I said nothing specific about the sigma. other than the fact that it is an FF lens and has larger image circle.

The second statement is not controversial because terms like 'difficult' can span a wide range of conditions and overall larger formats produce better lens performance. And thus, I did not criticise your second statement.

It is not about you did nto criticise the second statement, it is about you should read the first and second statement togather to understand the first statement was not meant as an absolute rule.

So, what was your first statement exactly? And what was your second statement? Because if your first sentence there was not specific about the Sigma there would not be two separate statements.

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